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Discover the latest addition to Escovape's lineup: ELF BOX disposable vape. Elevate your vaping experience with wholesale options now offered. Immerse yourself in a world of premium vaping with ELF BOX Our ELF BOX collection boasts meticulously crafted products designed to enhance every aspect of your vaping journey. Discover excellence in every puff with our diverse range of ELF BOX offerings:
  • ELF BOX RGB14000 Pro: Elevate your vaping experience with 14,000 puffs, 25ml e-liquid capacity, and a 1.0ohm Mesh coil for superior performance.
  • ELF BOX SHISHA 16000 Puff: Indulge in 16,000 puffs, 28ml e-liquid capacity, and adjustable airflow for customizable vaping sessions.
  • ELF BOX 14000 Puffs: Experience premium quality with 23ml e-juice capacity, an 850mAh battery, Mesh coil technology, and LED color light.
  • ELF BOX 5000 Puffs: Enjoy 5,000 flavorful puffs, 12ml e-liquid capacity, and 1.2 ohm Mesh resistance for consistent vapor production.
  • ELF BOX 5500: Delight in 5,500 indulgent puffs, 12ml e-liquid capacity, and a lightweight design for on-the-go vaping convenience.
  • ELF BOX 600: Savor 600 puffs with a 450mAh battery, 2ml pre-filled e-juice capacity, and 2% nicotine level.
  • ELF BOX BK12000 Puff: Experience convenience with a built-in 600mAh battery, 23ml e-liquid capacity, MESH coils, and a unique bottle-shaped design.
  • ELF BOX Digital 12000 Puffs: Enjoy seamless vaping with 12,000 puffs, 23ml e-liquid capacity, Mesh coil technology, and a digital display.
  • ELF BOX LS15000 Puff: Discover elegance with a crystal design, 15,000 puffs, 26ml e-juice capacity, and advanced Mesh coil technology.
  • ELF BOX RGB14000 Puff: Make a statement with 14,000 puffs, 25ml e-liquid capacity, Mesh coil technology, RGB light, and a stylish lanyard.
At Escovape, we provide competitive wholesale Disposable Vapes on ELF BOX products, ensuring a satisfying vaping experience without compromise. For all your Wholesale Disposable Vapes needs, our customer service team is here to assist you with additional discounts and special offers.